David M. Adams, President & CEO

David serves as President of the Caprock Health Group, a managed health care and insurance services organization consisting of various synergistic companies. He has a broad background in the healthcare services industry including experience leading companies who provide plan administrative services, care management, EDI and data management, provider networks, re-insurance and wellness programs. David is well versed in creating cost effective strategies to serve the broker community and self-funded employers. Mr. Adams has over 20 years of industry experience including experience in corporate finance, compliance, and merger & acquisitions. Prior to acquiring a majority interest of Caprock Health Group in 2009, David was the CEO and President of a large multidisciplinary health services organization serving over a million members. Mr. Adams began his career involved in providing medical services through physical therapy clinics he owned. David holds a Masters of Sports Medicine degree from Texas Tech University and is active in several industry organizations.